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One of the greatest problems holding those attacking with directed energy weapons accountable remains finding proof of the attack, The victim will be at great disadvantage as he or she will be under surveillance using expensive equipment costing crores, so the attacker has all information about the innocent victim who they are attacking.
If the victim will be arranging for some measurement equipment, those attacking her will not attack so all complaints will appear to be imaginary. A harmless civilian whose retirement savings of twenty years have been stolen by the cruel greedy officials without a court order, will have limited resources at their disposal compared to officials who can waste infinite indian tax payer money without being questioned.
While some areas have radiation levels increased for a long period of time which can be easily measured, usually the attacker will release the high power radiation beam on the harmless civilian for a relatively short period of time. Currently the method for attacking the obc engineer and webmaster in Goa is to monitor the laptop activity and then attack her. The moment no activity will be detected on the laptop, the cruel cowardly official attacking the harmless civilian will disable the high power radiation beam.
It appears that the attacker controlling the expensive directed energy weapons will switch on the radiation beam when he feels that he can cause maximum pain to the harmless civilian he hated and switch it off when he feels the victim has moved out of the range of the radiation beam . It is believed that the cruel frauds promoting the goan call girls diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, bsc obc sunaina, shivalli brahmin bangalore cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, goan fraud riddhi, ruchika, veena, asmita patel as domain investors may be attacking the obc engineer whose resume they have stolen .

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